What you can expect

When you arrive at the Laurels you will be greeted by either the manager or a senior social care supporter. They will introduce you to other people including social care supporters and others who are staying at the Laurels.

The social care supporter will ask you some essential admission details such as who is your next of kin and your GP. But also a little about your self so that we can plan your care around your needs and also arrange many social and recreational events/clubs which you may like to join.

You will be allocated a key worker during your stay at the Laurels. Your key worker is someone who is responsible for your care during your stay with us. When you have got to know people a little better you may decide you would like to choose your own key worker. Many of the people staying at the Laurels have done this.

If you wish one of the social care supporters will help you unpack. They will also record your belongings in our ‘personal belongings book.’ If you do not want this record kept then please just say. It is requested that any future items brought into the Laurels including clothes and small items of furniture are brought to our attention so that we can record these in the personal belongings book.

If you have any medication, please give them to the social care supporter on admission. They will ensure they are locked in our medication trolley. However, if you would like to keep them in your room we will arrange for you to have your own small drugs cupboard in your wardrobe which you can keep locked.

If you require a lockable storage space in your room then management will arrange this at your request.

Prior to your admission, you will have been given the Laurels Care Home contract and a Furniture Agreement. This will need to be returned prior to your admission.

At any time if you would like something to eat or drink please just ask. The social care supporters should, when you have visitors, offer you and your friends and family tea and biscuits. But if you haven’t been offered these please ask as it may just be a new member of staff who is unaware of the need to offer you these.

We have included a small check list on the following page which you may find useful. But, if you have any concerns or questions you would like to ask us please feel free to contact us on 01228 527972.

Your admission is an ideal time to relay any concerns you have or just let us know about your needs. It is hoped that we can help you and make your stay with us an enjoyable one.